Friday, July 9, 2010

The Team

ESPN had an hour special on about where Lebron James was going to play.  An hour.   I didn't watch it but I posted on facebook and twitter about how great it would be if ESPN would donate an hour to Mandi Schwartz, about her plight, and her need to find a donor.  I got responses on facebook that I wasn't expecting. Some people seemed upset about it.  Uh its only one hour, and dude, Lebron decided around 4pm that day where he was going.  They said ESPN is a sports channel (wow now THERE'S breaking news)  That ESPN donates millions of dollars to cancer research through the Jimmy V foundation, which is totally awesome and I applaud them for that.

60 minutes was all I was saying the sports channel could donate to help Mandi, or even 30, in the mere scope of things it isn't that long.  That is about as long as we wait for the doctor, not even including the actual appointment.  It would be cool if any channel would donate an hour or even a half hour to Mandi, but I get it if you donate for one person, should you donate time for all? It could be a slippery slope.

Mandi is a hockey player, like me.  She plays at a collegiate level, ok so not like me.  I would love to share the ice with her and skate with her team, even though I would get seriously schooled by the Yale Women's Hockey team, it would totally rock.

Well now Mandi is on another team.  A team that I joined in Sept 2007 when I was diagnosed with cancer. 

A team I really didn't want to join.

But here I am.

On this team.

I hope Mandi reads this, so she knows she has people like me on her team.  There are people who were on this team before me, and unfortunately will be after me.

Since hockey is a great analogy for fighting cancer, I have just one thing to say to Mandi, and, to anyone on my team, who is on the ice,skating hard, or  battling...

I will drop the gloves for you.

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