Monday, May 11, 2009

Isn't it ironic, don't you think???

Ok. I am no stranger to side effects. Like most cancer survivors/warriors I have had my fair share, which if you are a follower of this blog you know all about so no need for me to repeat myself. Today I saw the endocrinologist, follow up appointment and checking on the Hashimoto's Thyroiditis that I have, (Yeah I didn't make that up, Daniel-san, that is what it is called) making sure my thyroid levels were all good based upon the medication I am taking.

I asked the doc about my constant fatigue, which was getting better after I started taking Vitamin D.

So here I am almost a month later after I started taking the Vitamin D and I am still tired. Yes I have blogged about this before, but you know what I found out? I am probably doing it to myself, not because I am firing on all cylanders or burning the candle at both ends or insert other cliche' here, but because I am weaning myself off of medication (with the doctor's approval of course, I don't go off any meds without letting one of my docs or ologists know about it)

The nurse promised me it would get better. Easy to say when its not you.

You know that refreshed feeling you get when you wake up from a nap or a good nights sleep? I haven't felt that in a while, I wake up thinking about when can I take my next nap. I don't wake up during the night and I know I dream because I remember bits and pieces.

Pretty ironic, don't you think? Yep like that Alanis Morrisette song, only if it was a black fly in my chardonnay I would call the waiter and ask for another glass, or if it was like rain on your wedding day, well I think that last one would just plain suck. defines ironic as - characterized by often poignant difference or incongruity between what is expected and what actually is; "madness, an ironic fate for such a clear thinker"; "it was ironical that the well-planned scheme failed so completely"

Yep the last one feels like me. A well planned scheme (going off meds, the meds are supposed to make me feel better) failing so completely (makes me so tired and frustrated)
The feeling of sleepiness when you are not in bed and can't get there, is the meanest feeling in the world.- Edgar Watson Howe
Well said Edgar, well said.

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  1. Yep, that lack of sleep can really get to you, for sure! I used to be a good sleeper, but now I just stare at the ceiling, or look at my dog's shadow on the wall as he sleeps soooooo soundly! I'm hoping it gets better for us!