Friday, December 18, 2009


 The original title of Pretty Woman was $3,000.  No this blog post isn't about that. Its about a genetic test that I am going to have.  The photo is of  the mutated  BRCA gene.  Many breast cancer survivors have this gene.  It is a mutation of a gene that if you have it you have it and you have breast cancer you have a higher risk of having ovarian cancer.  I haven't had the test yet.  I called my oncologist to see if I have had it yet, and he said no.  He said I would have remembered having it because it costs about $3,000.  I thought, hahaha doc you haven't seen my medical bills, three grand is a drop in the bucket. 

 I have insurance, but it may not cover it.  Will I get the test if it isn't covered?  Yes.  Why would I want to put myself deeper in the hole financially for a simple blood test?  For one it would tell me if I am at a higher risk for other cancers.  Having gone through chemo once is enough thanks.  It was a long year going through treatment and I certainly don't want to do that again, and would do anything I can not to go through that again. 

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  1. I am going to get the BRCA test done, spoke to my surgeon. Will have it done after the holidays

  2. I had the BRCA test (mine is ovarian cancer) and I understood that if I could verify that one or more women in the family had breast or ovca, the insurance would cover it. So check that out with your genetic counselor. (Mine was negative)

  3. Well I was adopted but I recently found out my birth grandmom had breast cancer. Thanks for that info WhiteStone!!! That is good to know for others considering the BRCA test