Sunday, October 16, 2011

Humor Rocks and Laughter heals

Having cancer isn't funny.  Everyone knows that.  It's a serious disease that takes so much from so many.

I have been blessed with a wicked sense of humor.  I get that from my Dad.  I remember when I was meeting with the surgeon to discuss my course of treatment I never thought I was going to die.  I thought wait, one year of treatment would mean no hockey!  Not usually something you think about when faced with a disease like cancer.

Humor and sports.  That's what got me through my treatment and still does through survivorship.  I remember someone who hadn't seen me for a while saw me while I was going through treatment and commented on how great I looked.  Since I was working out so hard for hockey season the docs said I didn't lose as much weight and went through treatment better than most.  I said "Cancer is the best diet I ever had!"  Some of those around me were shocked by what I said.  But I know that my sense of humor was going to get me through this.

That is why I love Save the Ta-tas and their message.  It makes me laugh, it brings awareness, and they donate proceeds to various charitable organizations.  Did you know that they have donated $690,0000 to charity to date?  This means that your purchase can help others.  Find out more on the Save the ta-tas site.

Because of the generosity of  Julia Fikse of Save the ta-tas I was able to pick out a shirt and one of my readers will win it. (just post a comment why you like the ta-tas brand) I am hoping that the sense of humor will help you through your survivorship as it did mine. 

Imagine a world without cancer.

I can.

Can you?

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  1. My grams best friend was diagnosed over 10 years ago. She had support of many and still never lost her sense of humor. I think we were more worried than she was. She overcame and now lives an even better/happier life. I think once she overcame, there was nothing she could not do. You have her strength and bless you.

  2. I'm right there with you. I love the humor of it all. Being able to make jokes is what got me through my mom's cancer. I love that save the ta ta's is funny but still informative. It's great!

  3. Samantha Royson:
    No one in my family has had breast caner (thank goodness) but skin cancer is what runs in my family. I have only seen from a distance how breast cancer can really tear a person apart. Your story is very hopeful, and should be shared by more than just a blog. I am re-posting it for my friends to read. Keep the fight alive!
    Save the Ta-Tas is exactly like you said: it not only donates hugely to cancer organizations, but it brings awareness in an appealing way to everyone. Kids, teens, parents and grandparents alike can become versed in breast cancer through them. that is actually how I learned so much about breast cancer was from their website.

  4. Laughter is a beautiful thing. My mother lost her battle to breast cancer 4-1-09, she fought hard for six years. She refused to let this over take her humor and left imprints at every Oncology office, lab, and diagnostics center she would visit. She was bound and determined to laugh with them considering she spent much time there. With her being gone, my kids and I smile and always think about the silly things she would say and do. Of course leaving that smile upon our faces along with laughter.

  5. One of my neighbors, a great friend, has breast cancer. This is her second go round with cancer. Her spirit and determination amaze me! JoAnn rarely wears a wig or hat--displaying her bald head proudly! Several days after chemo treatments, she seems really worn out but if you ask how she is--she'll tell you she's fine, smile, and turn the conversation back to you, her children or grandchildren. Always positive and upbeat! She loves to laugh! Always asking if we need anything. You, Mel, remind me of her! What an inspiration you are to all--Blessings to you and all of the Warriors! You all ROCK!

  6. I love your thoughts! My grandma is currently battleing breast cancer! She always smiles and tells us that she will fight this! Its so great to see her and hear her words because even though this terrible cancer has changed her life (and ours) she's determined to fight it

  7. Hello. I love your sense of humor and u sound like an amazing person. My mom worked with this guy and his wife was like a spokesperson or an advocate or something for the susan g komen foundation. She battled breast cancer for 8 years, she was one of the strongest women ive ever had the opportunity to meet. She eventually lost her battle in the end, but she fought with everything in her. She got to b on paula sands n she did the walks, she was amazing. i like save the ta-tas because first of all, the name is just cute (lol) and secondly they have helped so many ppl get thru their cancer. They have a lot of awesome people who are lucky to b a part of it. A good sense of humor can get anyone thru almost anything, after all, laughter is the best medicine! Love, hope, faith, believe!

  8. I think that it is great that so many people can use humor to help them cope!! I love all the unique shirts and contribute every chance I get. Overcoming and beating cancer is a long tough road, it takes strong individuals to make it through and not lose hope!!!

  9. In my family it is not if , it is WHEN. I cx myself every month 1 week after my period. i lean down in front of a mirror, so many different ways to cx, I have been having yearly Mammograms since I was in my 20's. My family has all made it through.Most of my friends have made it also. Few didn't :(:(:(. The Humor to live with this can be warped , it is my way anyway. Save The Ta Ta's , soo fits my humor.

  10. I love the way you use humor, it can help over come many things, just as you are demonstrating:) Some say Laughter is the Best Medicine and I myself would agree. I also agree with how wonderful Save the Ta-Tas is, I love all their items, just the simple fact that the proceeds go to so many different places to help is wonderful. I just went to a Breast Cancer awareness walk this past Sat with a darlin friend of mine who sadly lost her Wonderfully, Beautifully Strong Mother this past June. It was a bittersweet walk and we know "Ritz" was there with us every step of the walk just like she is every day. Thank you for sharing your story and continue to use that wonderful homur and Stay Strong and Beautiful! Have a blessed day Hugs :)

  11. I've been a victim of breast cancer my whole life. I've never had it but I am a victim none the less. My Mom had breast cancer 2 years before I was born. So some small part of me got radiated along with the rest of her. And in 1957 they nuked you till you glowed. My family was glad I wasn't born with 8 legs. Mom had a double radical mastectomy so I was a poor malnourished waif. That and I've been tit happy my whole life. My family is known for killer Tatas both aesthetically and literally. I've lost one aunt and one cousin to Breast Cancer. We have many survivors thank God. My Mom another Aunt and 4 cousins.

    Last October my cousin's daughter was diagnosed at age 25. On January 4th, my cousin was diagnosed. Mother and daughter went through treatment together. I can kid with my cousin like I can't with her daughter but in the past year we have had some humorous conversations. Like the oncologist telling my cousin she might get chunky from the chemo. I told her to ask for smooth chemo instead of chunky. When she got her first chemo treatment I told her to bring a daiquiri to chase it with if it would go through the port. I asked her to ask the oncologist is ALL her hair would fall out. Save on the whole bikini line up keep. There was the whole conversation about center of balance after her mastectomy. Reconstruction questions was how do you pick out your new boobs? Go to Victoria Secrets pick out a bra in a size you wanted and give it to the surgeon and say make em fit? My cousin is a Zumba instructor so told her to get the high G option and just how many G's will the new girl handle. Are there any options she can get like a storage compartment?

    My cousin is doing great. Pathologist could not find any abnormal cells. The chunky chemo did it's job. She has her sanity and can still laugh. Her port comes out soon. I'm thinking of sending her a bottle of port wine for the occasion. I hope I helped her a little with my humor. She's still threatening with beating me with her killer boobs directly from the freezer. Told her she better mark the package good so it doesn't get mixed up with the venison. The last 2 years I've had pink hair for October and fund raise and spread the word. I run the Komen in a pink mini kilt. I like to think the smiles I cause help as much as the funds I raise.

    I'm proud to be from Racine, Wisconsin the home of the 2011 U.S. National Champion Breast Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team. Eat your hearts out Green Bay.