Friday, January 20, 2017

Crossing Jordan

Crossing Jordan was the last successful television show that I worked on before I left California.  I only worked on two seasons of the show before I left, but it made a lasting impression.

I had worked on other shows before, the longest one was Walker, Texas Ranger, that show shot in Dallas, and post production was in Los Angeles, so I didn't interact with the actors as much as I did with the Crossing Jordan actors.

I talked hockey with Jill Hennessey, (we never did get to go to that Oilers vs Kings game.) Asked Jerry O'Connell if he was going to audition for Miracle.  Always had a good time talking with Steve Valentine, Ravi Kapoor and Kathryn Hahn.

Miguel Ferrer.

Miguel Ferrar was in one of the first productions I worked on when I moved to LA.  It was Jack Reed: A Search for Justice.  Not surprisingly he played the bad guy.  Below is a copy of the DVD cover.  I found it on the internet.  (credit to the production company of the movie)

It is hard to remember everything about a show you work on.  Even harder with chemobrain.  I remember being in awe of Miguel.  Seeing him in movies and tv shows such as Robocop, The Stand and Miami Vice.

I remember being in Lake Piru, I had driven there in my little Dodge Omni to go to the set for some reason (that is what PA's do, go here go there,  take this to the director, get coffee, drop off scripts etc. had to find my way around with a Thomas Guide and no GPS.

That was 1994, a few months after I moved to LA to work in the film and television industry.


Crossing Jordan.

I finished working on Walker Texas Ranger, the show ended after a successful 9 year run.  I really don't remember who recommended me to work on CJ but I am grateful that I was a part of the show.

I told Miguel we had worked on Jack Reed together, I know he didn't remember me, who would? Honestly would you remember someone you worked with in passing 7 years ago?  I wouldn't. He said he enjoyed acting in that movie.


I usually find out about people passing away on facebook.  I have found out about dear friends deaths on facebook.  I found out about Miguel Ferrer's passing on facebook.

He died of throat cancer.

There were rumors he was ill because of how he looked on NCIS LA, I don't watch the show, so I didn't know how bad he looked.

I am glad the producers kept him on working while he was either going through cancer treatment or just while he was ill.  Nothing is worse than being in treatment and having nothing to do.  It can be isolating and depressing.  Everyone wants to help, but those who have not had cancer don't know what to say.

It was a gut punch when I found out that he died.

When you work on a TV show or film, the cast and crew become your family, some you stay in contact with, some you don't, but they are still family.

Goodbye Miguel, and thank you for your kindness and your talent.  You will be missed.

I hate cancer.

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