Friday, February 12, 2010



If you are a frequent reader of my blog you know I had an pelvic ultrasound, which included a transvaginal ultrasound , as well as a uterine biopsy.  That is where the doctor found Fred, a uterine polyp. Fred was biopsied.   I am happy to report the results were that Fred was benign.  Fred is very small and doesn't need to be removed.  Fred gave me a few nights of worry, I will admit that.  I still don't know how doctors and techs have any kind of clue of what they are looking at on scans and ultrasounds, that is why they get the big bucks I suppose.  So I am still lucky. I am still in remission, and I have to constantly remind myself not to stress myself out about  things that I have no control over, like these kinds of medical issues, financial issues, of which I have many, like most cancer patients I have lots of medical bills.  I am lucky though, I have great insurance, it doesn't cover everything, but as my fiance said last night, it could be worse, there are lots of people who owe more than I do, and that is true.  I have always said I would rather be broke than dead.  The collection people keep calling, and I am working on getting a second job, and paying my doctors back is very important to me, after all they did save my life.  But like I said, I am alive, I am in remission.  I am able to blog here and do my podcast to help other survivors.  I am lucky.  Sometimes it takes something like Fred to remind me of that.

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