Friday, February 26, 2010

Light of Day

I post on several other cancer survivors facebook pages, some are finishing up treatment, some are just starting.  It always makes me reflect upon my own battle.  I know I have written about this before, but a few friends of mine are just finishing chemo and radiation.

One of my friends (chemobabe) likened treatment to a pit, a giant chasm, that is difficult to traverse, that when you are in it, it is hard to see the light of day.That is a great analogy. When you are going through chemo or surgery or radiation it is hard, and it is hard to even see the light of day.  It seems like it is a tiny spec of light in a giant dark pit.  When you are surrounded by the darkness it is hard to even imagine you will see that light, that you will ever be done, let alone get close to it, but day by day you get closer and closer, maybe an inch here or there every day. 

Many of my new friends on Facebook are just starting, and they are hoping to see the light of day.  I have to tell you this.  When you are in the chasm it seems like you will never get out.

I know that feeling.

That was 2 years ago.  Now I can barely remember what it was like.  Only when I read other survivors comments does it take me back to those moments.  I am glad it is a fading distant memory.

Leaving you with lyrics from Bruce Springsteen's "Light of Day"

Well I'm a little down under, but I'm feeling O.K.
I got a little lost along the way

Just around the corner to the light of day.

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  1. It always jolts me when I look back...when someone mentions shooting pains in the knees or weird taste buds or experiencing that first regrowth of eyelashes. I forget sometimes. I forget much of what I went through. And its good to remember, and think, Wow! I did that! I made it through that. Today is a good day.

  2. I agree Whitestone!!! Well said, Well said.

  3. Thanks, Mel. I think you, me, & others who continue to talk/write about this do a real service for newbies. When we're able to be honest about the experience - good, bad, & just plain weird - someone starting out sees that there is light beyond. It doesn't make the treatments any easier, but it can help to know that good things are out there. You're doing a good thing:)