Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I have been feeling great for quite some time now.  I know it has a lot to do with playing hockey and pilates.    Exercise raises endorphin levels.  Endorphins make you feel good.  We all know that.

I think a lot of it has to do with not only working out but knowing that I am getting back to my old self.  Not that I can ever get back exactly to the way I was I know that.  Sometimes that is a hard reality to face.  But very close. 

I still remember telling my hockey team I had cancer.  I still remember what it feels like to be going through treatment and not being able to do anything.  To be tired and weak. To feel shitty and feel like someone else.

Cancer takes so much from you.  So does the chemo. It can strip away feeling like the person you were, to a person you don't even know.  Makes everything about you feel like someone else, down to the very core of your soul.   It took a few years of doing things that I love doing away from me. I When I was going through treatment I would look forward to these days and hope that they would come quickly.  Now I look back and am glad that it is a distant light in the tunnel behind.

Like I said I am feeling good.  I didn't realize how bad I felt until recently when I realized I felt so good. 

I felt so bad for so long I didn't know the difference. 

Now I feel so great I don't want it to end.  I am hoping it wont.

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  1. Yay for feeling good! As awful as cancer can be - it can really help you appreciate things you once took for granted. You sound like a new and improved self. You are truly inspiring.

    Best wishes,
    Lauren (

  2. I appreciate your kind words Lauren, although I do find it ironic that you consistently post nice things about my blog even though you work for the organization that kicked me out of its online support group.