Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Casinos Pitch in to Fight Breast Cancer

I'd like to bet $25 on pink please.  You didn't know that you could bet on pink you say.  Well you can if you play at a casino that supports breast cancer research.

The Horseshoe Cleveland casino is one of the casino's going pink this month and doing their part to support breast cancer research, but they are doing it at the local level.  For starters, their buffet is donating $1 of every meal purchased there towards a local breast cancer charity.  Their pastry section even has some pink desserts.

For those who like to frequent the Vintage 51 or Legends at Horseshoe bars, proceeds from the purchase of either the Pink Warrior or the The Hooter Shooter will go to the same charity. 

In addition, if you like to play blackjack, you can indeed bet on pink as there will be tables setup with pink felt in support of breast cancer research.  Also, any team member wearing a Horseshoe Cleveland Breast Cancer T-Shirt will be among those that donated at least $5 to the local charity.

So often we think of casinos as being companies that have absolutely no regard for the human condition.  However, the reality is that every casino has been touched numerous times by cancer at all levels from patrons up to ownership.

What I also like about what the Horseshoe Cleveland is doing is the fact that they are donating to a local charity instead of a major conglomerate where you never know if any of your funds are going to the purpose you intended.  Yes Mr. Cena, I am calling you out.

If you want to support organizations that support the fight against cancer, you can't go wrong by taking a trip to the Horseshoe Cleveland.  There you can bet on pink and that is the best bet in the house.


About the author:  James Guill  - James is a freelance writer specializing in the poker industry.  He's written in the past for PokerNews Australia Magazine and for sites such as and


  1. Good thing nowadays, that even casinos and sportsbooks are also helping when it comes to this issues, even breast cancer awareness is covered, who said that casino profiles are only bad?
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  2. Wow this is news for me! I thought the only thing casinos were interested in is making money. Reading this blog makes me think twice! Thanks! :D
    Liv Boeree