Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Under Armour ~ You know you want it

 Under Armour.  You know the name.

I have been wearing Under Armour when I started playing hockey in the late 90's.

Wore it before it was popular.

Before the endorsements.

Under Armour.

I wrote about my Under Armour hat in a recent post.

I was fortunate to catch the eye of the good people at Under Armour.  They sent me a hoody to check out.

Now living in Michigan the climate can change here in the blink of an eye.  So I am very particular about what I wear.

I decided to wear it to the rink.  I got it the same day I had a game.

Soft and comfortable is the best way I can describe the inside of the hoody.  It was  like putting on a article of clothing I had worn for years.  That is how comfortable the Storm full zip hoody is.

The Rink can get cold, duh, its supposed to, but the hoody kept me warm. It is great for fall weather here in Michigan, where it can go from sunny and warm to rainy and windy.  Perfect for a bike ride, zipped or unzipped.

I got the black hoody.  Love the shadowy depth of the black.

My team mates were jealous.  I could tell.

So now its your turn.

I told you how awesome the storm hoody is for women.  Now its time to get an Under Armour hoodie for you (or your man) just in time for the holidays.

Why wrestle someone in stores over the best Christmas or birthday present you can give, when you can get it for free?

Just post a comment here telling me who gets an awesome hoody and why.  I will pick a winner at random and the good folks at Under Armour will work hard to get it under your tree in time for Christmas.

The best part?  You don't even have to tell the person you got the hoody for it was for free.  Let them think you spent a long day looking for the perfect gift, when all you really had to click out a couple of words.

Under Armour.

You know you want it.

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  1. I pick my mom Tammy. She is a breast cancer survivor of just a few months now. She lives in the U.P. and could always use a nice comfy warm hoodie. I thinks she deserves it just because she gave me life and that in and of itself is awesome since I wouldn't have known my kids.

  2. I pick my wife Brenda. She has been there to put up with and take care of me every step of the way over the past six years of my journey with Cancer. The good, the bad and the ugly of it all, and this is a lot, so beings she is still here at my side looking after me, I nominate her for the Under Armor hoodie! If I win and you need a size let me know!

  3. Am I too late? If not, I pick my younger brother David. He loves under armour! As have all my brothers, he's also been such an awesome supporter as I've dealt with cancer. He's been a quiet pillar of strength for me. I'd love to give him a hoodie for Christmas!!!

  4. I pick my son who has been so supportive during my treatments and the subsequent financial struggles. He walks to school, work, and just about everywhere else because we can never seem to get life pared back enough for us to do what needs to be done to get his license and he never complains.

  5. Congrats Dominic #45! You were chosen at random from the 4 entrants! email me at with the size and type of hoody you want and I will send the information to underarmour! Congrats

  6. I have been wearing Under Armour when I started playing hockey in the late 90's. ...