Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Blue Room

Yesterday I had doctors appointment with my primary care physician, not surprising, I usually have been averaging 6-7 doctor appointments a month. This one was a little different. First of all, this is the only doctor appointment I have all month, finally I don't need to see my myriad of ologists this month, oncologist, endocrinologist, radiologist, cardiologist, you get the idea. So this appointment was a follow up. Now let me go back in time a bit to set up the scene as it were, when I was diagnosed, my primary care doc was the one who told me "it's cancer." It was in the blue room. The last time I was in the blue room was probably about 6 months ago, I had a blood test to check my cholesterol. Everything was fine with my results, but I totally flashed back to Sept 18, 2007 when I was diagnosed. I really don't recollect what was said about my results other than that they were fine, but I just wanted to get the hell out of there.
I had been thinking about that for a while. How could nothing but a room get into my head so much? Not only that my doc just took on a new partner so the probability of me not going into the blue room was pretty slim. I told myself to, well, get over it, its just a room, I am cancer free. Which brings me back to yesterday. I was back at the doc's office like I said, and the nurse took me into the blue room. I was totally fine, the room lost its power over me. Amazing things that we can accomplish once we put our minds to it.

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