Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tiaras in Lansing

This is a picture of the 2008 Ms. Michigan Ashlee Baracy and I at the state capitol in Lansing, Michigan. I just came home from attending the Celebration at the Capitol for the American Cancer Society. We were there to talk to the legislators to convince them to make Michigan smoke free. We met with our Representative and Senator. One of them totally agreed with the bill, the other one didn't. While I have to respect the decision of our lawmakers, I don't have to understand it. Unless you have been touched by cancer in some way I guess you wouldn't understand why I would want Michigan smoke free.

Doesn't it make sense to have restaurants and bars smoke free? For the health of the workers and the patrons? Now some would say that if you don't want to breath smoke you should eat somewhere else, but don't I have the right to eat a meal with out worrying about getting another form of cancer? Some people will say the workers can just "get another job" Really? Have you tried looking for work now days? And what if they have been working at a restaurant or bar for years, should they just give up their seniority to find a job somewhere else?

Yes smokers have rights just like anyone else, but I have the right to go to eat and not breathe in their smoke.

Is it too much to ask not to be put at risk of cancer from second hand smoke when I go out to eat at any restaurant?

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